It is our mission to provide cost-effective, reliable gigabit internet access to large outdoor areas while reducing the physical footprint of devices and energy consumption per device. Using proprietary algorithms and patented device designs we are currently delivering unprecedented throughput, distance, and range utilizing licensed and unlicensed spectrum’s.

We provide facilities and security departments the next generation hardware needed to handle 21st-century threats in real-time. We facilitate smart city integration, wireless anywhere meaningful bandwidth delivered at gigabit speeds, or distribution of municipal applications such as public Wi-Fi. Past Performances include Public Wi-Fi deployment in Ballston, Virginia (2017).

Core Competencies

  • Wireless Gigabit Mesh Provider (Indoor)

  • Wireless Gigabit Canopy Provider (Outdoor)
  • Smart City Integration
  • Managed IT Services
  • Network Management
  • Infrastructure Management

  • Omni-Lamp Deployment

  • FREE Public Wi-Fi
  • Smart Country Solutions

Fresh Approach To The Complex and Disjointed World of Fiber Network Infrastructures