o socialize and realize all that is possible with Wi-Fiber’s proprietary mesh capabilities and one-of-a-kind approach to smart connectivity, taking to these core concerns held by municipalities. We feel driven to deliver, not only to expand our business but more importantly, to solve problems, to interconnect endless technologies, to safeguard the innocent, assist in the capture of those looking to do harm, and to create a better tomorrow.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Vardly St. Preux
Vardly St. PreuxCEO & Founder
Collaborates with Partner organizations and municipalities to achieve wireless mesh and smart city goals. Engages external business and industry experts to learn and influence business strategies, constantly remaining alert and forward-thinking about opportunities and risks in the industry.

Allyn J. Raphael
Allyn J. RaphaelChief Information Officer (CIO)
Drives Gigabit Technology’s and Partner ecosystem’s business value by leveraging Wi-Fiber’s smart city and wireless technology. Designs and customizes technological systems and platforms to improve customer experience.
Eric Burgdorf
Eric Burgdorf Chief Execution Officer (CXO)
In-depth understanding of the marketing, financial, technological, and infrastructure constraints that each client may face make him a trusted and valued resource for businesses needing to aggregate and convert their financial and customer data into business and technical solutions.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.